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Affordable Web Designs is a new alternative for your web designing needs. If you are interested in setting up a site for a small business or just for personal use Affordable Web Designs is for you. With over fifteen sites using are designing services satisfaction is guaranteed.

I have seen many web designers offering to design sites for prices in the range of $100 to $5000. Then there are the hidden charges for promoting your site, maintaining and updating your site, finding a host for your site and for buying domains for your site. You then ask yourself is it really worth it?

So what is the difference with Affordable Web Designs? The difference is that, at Affordable Web Designs, we offer a unique service of personalised prices for your interests. This means that instead of having ready-made plans we cater to suit your personal needs and you only pay for what you need. We also only use free hosting servers which means that space and bandwidth is unlimited and hosting for your site is always free. Unlike other design services we do not charge by the hour. Time is not the essence at Affordable Web Designs. You only pay when you are totally satisfied with the complete site. If the site is not to your satisfaction, Affordable Web Designs will scrap all payments. Full stop.

Interested? Need more information? Use the links below to check us out.

Special:- We will design a homepage for your business for free. If you wish for Affordable Web Designs to continue with building the rest of the site you will pay the costs relating to it as shown in the price table on the Services page. If you don't wish to keep it we will simply scrap the homepage. In other words you get to see the look of your personal web homepage for free - no strings attached. For full information for this unique service please click the 'Special' link at the foot of this page.

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